Rennie Curran

Rennie Curran

Improving Leadership, Teamwork, and Performance for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Rennie Curran; leadership coach; author' keynote speaker

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Rennie Curran; leadership coach; author' keynote speaker


Ready to discover the missing link to becoming unstoppable? When it comes to getting results, you need more than just raw skill. You need focus, discipline, and determination. In fact, most of us are capable of achieving way more than we can comprehend by simply tuning into our untapped potential and leveraging the team we have around us.

Rennie Curran is a keynote speaker, leadership coach, author and former award-winning NFL Linebacker. He delivers powerful keynote presentations, workshops, and one on one coaching on topics such as leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and high performance. He works with organizations to improve culture, increase productivity, build a championship mindset, and more. He helps business leaders and high performers unleash their potential so they can level up both personally and professionally. Whether you’re trying to take your life, business, or career to the next level, Rennie will teach you how to hone your craft, establish focus, an gain the grit you need to overcome challenges. Learn new ways to lead, build high performing teams, increase productivity, and so much more. 

His clients include Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, Fidelity, Truist, Equitable, University of Georgia, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Associations, and many more. Rennie’s talks are engaging, empowering, and full of practical takeaways. All of his keynotes and workshops are fully customized to meet the goals of each organization. 

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Improve Leadership and Performance, Build your Personal Brand, Improve Marketing Strategy, and more

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Game Changer Coaching One-on-One Coaching To Transform Your Life & Elevate Your Business

Game Changer Coaching assist business leaders, entrepreneurs, and high performers in reaching their fullest potential through personal and professional development.

We  work with a variety of clients to improve everything from productivity, mindset, personal branding, marketing strategy, presentation skills, and more. 

Through one on one coaching you will learn to set achievable goals, develop an effective game plan, improve leadership skills, and more. As partners, we will develop an actionable life & business strategy that forges your path to unlimited success.

Business; Marketing; high performance coaching; personal brand coaching; Speaker mastermind

We understand that before you can fully gain value from strategic life and business coaching, we must first understand your vision, values, and goals.  

Once we understand what makes you tick, we will immerse you into a results-based action plan focused on achieving your goals while holding you accountable to the plan.

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