When and Why Should You Hire A Career Coach

Feeling unsettled in the job you are in? Trying to find a career that is fulfilling yet exciting? Or simply wondering if you are on the right career path? If all questions like these are haunting you day and night, then it is a clear sign to look for a career coach. However, things like these are easier said than done. This is because hiring a career coach seems like a lot of work. Hence, people tend to avoid this hassle and either look for an option on their own or completely avoid the questions that are going on in their minds. This is why it is important to extinguish this misconception by establishing what a career coach does. 

Role of a Career Coach 

The job of a career coach is extremely diverse in its very core. This is because these career coaches help employees as well as the other job seekers to not only get a job that they require but they also help them in writing attractive resumes, creating catchy cover letters, targeting the best jobs according to the given profile. Certain career coaches help out people with the troubles that they are facing with their jobs. On the other hand, some coaches are solely focused on helping their clients secure a good job. The one thing to remember is that they are not here to make your life difficult, rather they are here to hold your hand through it all. A great coach can create a balance in an individual’s life and create a sense of satisfaction and well-being. This is something that people look for their whole lives and is readily provided to them by a career coach. 

When should one hire a career coach?

People often feel that they would require a career coach only when they are desperate to find a new job or feel ready to get into a new career. However, the right time to hire a career coach is before you need one. This is because a career coach can help a candidate in a plethora of ways. An individual can take their help when they are just starting in their career, or someone who is hoping to choose a new passion, or someone who wants to go up to the next level. In all of these situations, getting the perspective of an outsider would do wonders especially if the outsider is an expert. Along with this, there are some very common situations where an individual would need the help of an expert and are as follows:

  1. Feeling Unfulfilled

There comes a time when people who are not satisfied with their jobs start contemplating about where they stand. This feeling of not being able to use one’s full potential on the work front is something that creates a feeling of unfulfillment in their minds. When such a situation begins to arise, a person should then definitely consult a career coach to be able to get their feeling of satisfaction back. 

  • Job hopping without any direction 

Moving from one job to another without gaining satisfaction from any of them is what creates a situation of stress for people. This aimless job hunting only creates more problems rather than solving the one at hand. A career coach is someone who is adept at solving such issues and can prove to be a huge help for people moving from here and there without any direction. 

  • No Advancement in Career 

When people are not happy with where they work and what they are doing, they often get overpowered with the feeling of not advancing. In other situations, this lack of advancement could be due to the unavailability of suitable positions. In both cases, a person feels stagnated and loses all motivation to work. In such a case, a career coach could prove to be a source of motivation for such candidates by providing them with opportunities that would enable them to grow further in life. 

All of the above-given situations are extremely hard to handle and would require the expertise of a career coach so that people could get through it with ease. 

Why should one hire a career coach?

Recovering from a career that has suffered several drawbacks requires a lot of resilience and courage to get out of. This is something that a lot of people lack which is why it becomes essential for a career coach to step in and take the hold of the situation. The following are some of the major reasons why as to why a career coach should be hired. 

  1. Accelerates job search 

When a person wants to get back to work without taking too much time, then they must hire a career coach. This is because a career coach can help an individual to stay on track by coming up with an efficient job plan and preparing them in a way that would land them into a great job. The coach would work much more efficiently in the process of ensuring a great professional opportunity for the candidate. 

  • Helps in developing a job search plan 

While looking for a job, people often do not make a plan and neither do they take the right steps to undertake the process. Most of the search that they do happens aimlessly and they are not able to come to a solution of where exactly they would want to end up. A career coach could help in this process by establishing the right kind of plan for the candidate so that he or she can secure the job that they have been looking for. 

  • A career coach teaches the importance of self-investment

While working or looking for a job, people tend to forget about how important it is to invest in themselves first. This is because until and unless they do that, they would not be able to perform effectively at work. A career coach helps an individual realize the importance of self-awareness and also gives them the direction through which they could achieve the same. 

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Rennie Curran is a keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Game Changer Coaching. His mission is to empower individuals, teams, and organizations by delivering powerful presentations, workshops, and private coaching on topics such as leadership, performance, and personal branding. He obtained his Bachelors in Business Management from the University of Georgia and received his coaching certification through the Life Purpose Institute. Visit renniecurran.com for more information.

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