What is Diversity and Inclusion

After globalization, the world has slowly and gradually become smaller than it was. This is because now people from all parts of the world can work wherever they want. However, with freedom comes responsibility. This is why when people decide to go and work in a country that is not their own, then they would have to face several issues and difficulties due to several reasons such a language, culture, etc. To avoid these problems, firms have now come up with a concept of diversity and inclusion that they implement. This enables people from different backgrounds to feel welcomed and avoids situations like racism and discrimination within the firm. To be able to use these concepts effectively in the firm, HR must know what diversity and inclusion are and why it is important to make use of them in business organizations. 

What is Diversity?

Diversity is said to be that concept which helps in differentiating people from one another. It is the method which is used to empower people as well as appreciate the differences that they bring to the table. Under this concept, the differences that exist among people are not looked down upon; rather they are celebrated in such a way that people start feeling proud of it. Diversity helps people to explore the differences that they have in a safe environment. This means that the people are encouraged to understand each other in such a way that they start valuing the differences that they have along with the ones that people around them have. This process helps in accepting and celebrating the differences that people have and also it enables them to have a positive use of diversity in the workplace. 

In today’s time, it has become more than obvious that people who come from other countries would bring along with them different perspectives and opinions on things, they would also have different experiences in life which would be due to the religious and cultural differences that exist in the world. These differences could only be embraced when diversity is celebrated in the workplace and is not affected by petty prejudices. Respecting every individual is the key to ensuring that diversity is being practiced effectively. 

Diversity is not only about accepting the visible characters of an individual. It is more about understanding that people have both visible and invisible traits that could have a huge impact on the personality of an individual. This is why both of these categories would have to be taken into consideration to ensure that diversity can be practiced in the right way. By considering the overall personalities of people, a firm can create proper metrics so that they can set achievable goals and also ensure that the diversity of the place gets boosted. 

What is Inclusion?

Most of the firms and people use the terms diversity and inclusion interchangeably. However, inclusion is very different from diversity and it means creating an environment where every person is treated fairly and respectfully and can get an equal amount of access to all the resources and opportunities that are present. Inclusion is that effort that is made by a given firm to treat people belonging to different cultures in an equal manner. Even though this may seem like a very simple concept, there are so many firms around the world who are not able to practice it in their day to day activities. This is why inclusion is a step that has to be practiced consciously to ensure that no one is left feeling alone because of where they come from. Inclusion is more like giving a sense of belongingness to people. Hence, creating an inclusive culture would mean making them feel respected and loved for the kind of differences that they have. When this kind of support and acceptance is given to people then they get into a position where they can do the best for themselves as well as the company that they are working in. This inclusion also means shifting the culture in a way that all the people who are present in the organization are given the ability to participate in the activities in some or other way. Hence, it can be seen as a process wherein every individual is engaged in the different tasks which are given by the firm and are also valued as important assets of the firm. It is because of this inclusion; people have started feeling much more valued because of which they start functioning much more efficiently towards achieving the mission which has been set by the firm. Hence, this inclusion has the power to shift the culture of an organization in such a way that the employees perform well and their motivation and morale is higher than ever. 

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are not only used to give the stakeholders a positive image of the firm. It is used so that people coming from different parts of the world can feel at ease working in a given firm so that they can give their complete focus and dedication to the work that they do. Some of the benefits that are diversity and inclusion provide to the firms are as follows:

  1. When a firm is ethnically diverse and practices inclusion then they can earn at least 35% more revenue than the companies who are not. 
  2. There is also a very strong connection between diversity as well as the innovation that takes place in a firm. 
  3. Practicing diversity and inclusion would help the firms to attract a much better workforce as around 67% of the people look for a place to work where diversity is celebrated. 
  4. It has also been observed that diverse companies have the ability to capture a new market audience much more effectively than the organizations that do not practice such diversity. 
  5. Organizations celebrating inclusion and diversity also help in attracting the attention of more consumers. 

Undertaking diversity and inclusion is the need of the hour in today’s time and hence should be practiced by firms all around the world.

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