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Keynote Speaker Testimonials

Oconee State Bank

"Rennie Curran did a phenomenal job for our company, Oconee State Bank. He was the keynote speaker at our quarterly meeting. As the CEO of the bank,I was impressed with how he related to our team. I received several comments from key team members about how impactful Rennie’s comments were to them. One of the main reasons for his success with our team is the job he did preparing and learning about our company ahead of time. We had several key takeaways. One of the things he did where I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback was “the hot seat” session. It was powerful. If you own or manage a team or a business of any kind, it would be well worth your time and money to engage Rennie. He is as good at speaking and working with companies as he was on the football field!"

Meeting Professionals International

"First of all, I had faith that Rennie was going to be a great presenter, but I was not expecting him to impact our audience the way he did. He took it to the next level and blew us all away. It meant so much that he was able to relate to our industry and transfer his skills off the field with each member in the room. The dedication and research he put into his presentation stood out and we were so impressed with his knowledge. In all honesty, he has been my favorite speaker that I’ve booked to date and I cannot wait to recommend him to my colleagues in the industry. Not only was his presentation hilarious, but he was able to leave us feeling inspired to be our best in our careers and personal lives. I am so thankful he was able to join us and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Rennie is an absolute rock star and a very talented individual!!!"

Jekyll Island Authority

"“Looking for a game changing leadership presenter that will take the initiative to understand your audience and engage them at the next level of peak performance – look no further than UGA’s own Rennie Curran, Author, CEO of Game Changer Coaching. I had the privilege to attend a presentation by Rennie at a Meeting Planners International – GA Chapter meeting. Rennie took the time and energy to research his audience of meeting planners and hospitality industry professionals and presented a “game changing” and powerful presentation that was pertinent to our industry and made us all feel like we could be champions in our roles – just has Rennie was on the football field during his career as a college and NFL athlete. Not only does Rennie’s story pertain to reaching your full potential as an athlete, but his connection to the audience with his family’s Liberian history, was touching and relational to how our lives are impacted at a young age and nothing can stand in your path to reaching your personal life goals. I would highly recommend Rennie to your group as a speaker and team/personal coach to improve leadership, career performance, and personal branding goals.”"

Lake Lanier Island Resorts

"I was fortunate enough to hear Rennie speak at our annual sales meeting. His life story is so uplifting and inspiring. He has worked hard to get where he is today, even with the many obstacles in the way. His speech was touching, uplifting, funny and relevant to our work culture today. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a great speaker for your organization."

Louisville Tourism

"Rennie is a very engaging and insightful presenter. He does a great job of taking sports experiences and translating them into concepts that affect every businessperson; such as teamwork, strategy and competitive advantage. I highly recommend him for your next meeting or event!"

The University of Georgia

"Rennie's positive, energetic messaging is fresh and resonates with audiences. He is able to make old-fashioned hard work, dedication, and persistence sound relevant to the "iY generation"! His talks are popular with our students and his book offers a terrific opportunity for us to keep his message active for an extended period!"

The University of Virginia

“Rennie Curran’s powerful message of overcoming adversity, persevering toward goals, and unwavering determination moves any audience or age group to action. His passion for service to others is inspirational and motivational. He is a wonderful example of someone determined to maximize his God-given talents to the benefit of others.”

Chapel Hill Middle School

"Mr. Rennie Curran was a dynamic keynote speaker for our assembly to kickoff the new school year. Not only did he engage and energize our middle schoolers; he received a standing ovation and connected with them on their level. He delivered an inspiring keynote address with a powerful message. He reminded our students to recognize their gifts and the importance of hard work. His words were incredibly meaningful and hit home for several of our students.
Dr. Jolene Morris, Principal

Mitchell's Meetings

"Rennie Curran just wowed a room full of meeting planners/meetings industry professionals - not an easy group to impress! While speaking at a recent Meeting Professionals International, Georgia Chapter event, Rennie was personable and entertaining, but WAY more importantly, he had done his research on our group and attendees and offered tangible, take-home messages that our attendees can use today to elevate their careers. Although I am a football fan, you certainly don't need to be one to relate to Rennie's story and his message. I look forward to recommending Rennie to my clients for future programs."

Georgia Marketing and Membership Association

“Rennie was a huge hit with our group. He received some of the highest marks ever. One committee member said they had served on many planning committees for conferences and had never seen that many perfect scores for a speaker. Thanks again for an outstanding job”

Coaching Testimonials

“Working with Rennie as one of his first client, he is a great coach and a great influence on me as I start my second career. As a retired NFL player not many people understand the emotion we go through. To have someone that has been there and a great mentor. I would recommend Rennie to anyone needing coaching.”

edmund kugbila
Former Pro athlete
New Orleans saints

“Inspiring, tireless, and impactful are the words that come to mind when I think of Rennie. His ability to handle the toughest situations effortlessly, a skill that takes most years to perfect, seems to come naturally. No matter how difficult and tense a meeting, he manages to end a conversation leaving one feeling motivated and in control of whatever challenges are at hand. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rennie through his life coach program and the impact has been far-reaching and immeasurable. The work we’ve done during our sessions have resulted in noticeable positive changes in my personal and professional life. He’s a connector, a leader, intuitive and empathetic in his approach, and handles his work with the utmost care and professionalism. I would highly recommend Rennie and genuinely believe that he will rise to the occasion.”

Veronica Azzi
Associate Financial analyst

We first met Rennie at a football camp in early 2015, and he made a huge impression on us as parents, and on our son, Grayson. He coached not only on football skills and technique, but also skills that young athletes require for success off the field. We bought Rennie’s book, “Free Agent,” for Grayson, and reading it impacted us more than we could imagine.

We contacted Rennie this spring because we were worried about some issues with which Grayson was struggling in the classroom that were also beginning to affect his athletic abilities. He plays several sports, and he just wasn’t performing, and didn’t seem to be having fun on the field. Rennie’s process is thorough and professional. He knows exactly how to tap into what makes a student athlete tick. He met with Grayson at the same gym where he trains, and this alone was so impressive! He spoke at length with Grayson about his own experiences, and what it takes to focus in class, to contribute at home, and to compete on the field. What we love most, though, is his Christ-centered approach. He knows and appreciates God given talent, and helps young athletes recognize and appreciate the same. He helped Grayson understand the value of hard work , staying humble and grounded, and the importance of never giving up under any circumstances. Rennie assisted Grayson in defining his dream a way that we were unable. 

Since his meeting this spring, we’ve seen a change in Grayson. This summer he’s committed to working on his craft every single day in some way. For an eight-year old child, this is unbelievable! He’s respectful, he’s driven, and he’s working hard.   His confidence has shot through the roof. Recently Rennie made a follow-up call to Grayson to see how things are going, and this meant the world to us and to Grayson. We’re looking forward to a lifelong relationship of learning with Rennie. He’s truly helping to build a foundation of excellence for Grayson, and seeing is believing that anything is possible when you work hard.

We can’t say enough about our experience with Rennie Curran. If you are looking for a life coach for your student athlete, look no further. You won’t find a better example of a professional athlete with real life lessons to share.

Jerry Stafford
parent of Grayson Stafford
Student Athlete

Anyone looking for career advice or just need help getting pointed in the right direction look, no further than Rennie Curran. Rennie genuinely wants to help people find a career that they are passionate about. Rennie has put a lot of time and effort into helping me get connected with industry professionals and helping me find out what I’m truly passionate about. I would recommend Rennie to anyone looking to find a career that best fits who they are and what they want to accomplish in life.

Matthew Parmenter
University of Georgia

Rennie’s insightful queries and varied but thought provoking solutions into my business foundation, practices, goals, was both helpful and needed. His review helped me to orient myself in the direction my business was going, and better able to navigate where I wanted it to go. Not only did he provide sound advice, but he gave me resources, listened to my feedback, and took into account what strategies would best work WITH me instead of giving me generic answers of what worked for everyone else. His customized, strategized plan definitely optimized mine, and I’m very greatful for him and his service. Thanks Rennie!

Chris Lafay
classic city consulting

Thank you again for your investment in Matthew and all of the other kids that you are trying to help.  This will give you my feedback on our meeting.

Your approach is highly professional.  You asked us to complete a fairly extensive questionnaire prior to our meeting.  It was obvious that you spent quite some time developing this questionnaire; it was also apparent that you were diligent in reading our responses had a good understanding about where we come from and where we hope to go. 

You came to the meeting well prepared with an outline of action steps and traits which would be helpful for my son to develop.  I will add that you could have taken the easy route and simply relied on your celebrity to inspire my son.  (He/we are fans and would have been inspired just by getting to hang out with you for a while.)  However, you did not treat the meeting as a “fan-greet”.  You came to the meeting with a real plan and real recommendations as to how he might improve himself as a player, person and child of God.

I will also comment upon your humility.  There was not even a hint of superiority – or the implication that “I’m great and maybe if you work hard you can be better than you are, but obviously not as good as me.”  Rather, you dealt with my son as an equal.  You treated him as a friend and treated him with respect – not intimidation.

Bob Curry
Parent of Matthew Curry Student Athlete

Working with Rennie has been fantastic!  I’m in the web/marketing arena and I help clients figure out their business goals every day.  I reached out to Rennie because I knew I needed to focus on my personal brand to grow my identity as an executive.  We have had some great discussions and he has guided me down the path to set myself up for success.  Looking forward to our continued work together!

kristen Mason
Personal Trainer
Tracebody fit

“When exploring my new endeavor of becoming a author, Rennie’s advice was invaluable. At that time I was unable to think clearly and he helped me to organise my thoughts with the questions that he brought to our meeting. Rennie helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to share my story when it comes to writing a book. ”

Chuck wiley
former pro athlete, entreprenuer, author