Team Building Activities

Working through difficult tasks and that too with a team that does not go along well, can prove to be a complete nightmare. This is often the story of a lot of organizations across the world. To avoid such a problem the HR departments come up with fun team-building activities that a manager can use to improve the collaboration as well as communication skills among their teams. These activities could be either indoor or outdoor but must be designed in a way that could be enjoyed by everyone in the team. Following is the list of some of the most exciting team building activities which can be used by all kinds of organizations to create better teams.

  1. Campfire Stories
    This is one of those activities which can be played on a chilly night around the fire or a cool breezy day outside. This activity encourages storytelling and as a result, increases the bonding that people have with one another. In this one, team members gather with one another and share their workplace experiences. Through this, they learn new things about each other and relive the days that they have spent with one another.
  2. Cook-off
    This is one of the most common team building activities used by firms all around. A cook-off is extremely fun and exciting where people get together to show their creativity on the culinary front. The best part about this activity is that it can either end up in the form of a beautiful dessert or a complete disaster. Creating new dishes would require people to exhibit their teamwork and leadership skills. Hence, this activity could both be a fun and learning experience for the team members.
  3. Boardgame Tournament
    This is one of the most effective ways to bring out the competitive side of the team members. The managers can organize a team-wide board game tournament where they could pick a single game and compete in it. This game could prove to be all the more fun when it is organized with a large team. The games that are selected should be fun and have a reasonable time limit. It could include games like boggle, Jenga, and monopoly, etc. The competition could also include prizes for members who come first, second, or third.
  4. Karaoke Night
    Karaoke nights are one of the most effective activities used to bond with people around. It helps people from breaking out of their shells by singing and having a good time with one another. The experience can turn out to be super hilarious with people singing in their not so melodious voice. This is an experience that is different from any other and just lightens the mood of all the people involved. This works best with a team that is highly extroverted as it caters to the elements of their personality.
  5. Catch Phrase
    This is termed as a classic party game where players have to team up with one another and have to take turns to describe certain words and phrases to them without actually saying what it is. Phrases can range from very complex ones to extremely simple ones. This is an activity which also enhances the communication that the team members have with one another without them even realizing it.
  6. Painting Class
    Painting or making art is one of the easiest ways of releasing stress. This becomes even more fun when done with a group of people. It is relaxing and can give people enough time to bond with each other. The painting also enhances creativity and doing it well could be an instant boost to one’s morale. It is a great activity where team members can unwind and catch up with one another.
  7. Exploring New Places
    Deciding on a single place that everyone likes, and going and exploring it’s never before seen elements could also prove to be a lot of fun as a team-building activity. One of the biggest advantages of this activity would be that it is happening in a very informal setting where everyone could just be themselves and enjoy each other’s company. This kind of an activity would give a break to the formal behavior the team members had to exhibit with one another all the time. Also, being outdoors in nature could prove to be the best therapy ever.
  8. Truth and Lies
    This is a game that helps people to get to know each other better. It is an extremely simple game that team members can play in an informal and intimate environment. Each of the team members has to say three truths and one lie about themselves. The other team members would have to then guess what the truth is and what the lie is. This activity would enable the team members to enhance their understanding of one another. It could also indicate who knows which person the best.
  9. Team Jigsaw
    This is one of those fun activities which keep the team members enjoyably engaged with one another. In this one, the team would be divided into groups and each of the groups would have to complete a jigsaw puzzle within the stipulated time. This activity could help in enhancing the coordination that the team members have with one another. Also, they could also learn how to manage their time well to achieve their goal in a fun manner.
  10. Tied-together
    This is one of those games which are extremely useful in building relationships among the team members. They could also get a hang of working together well with each other through this game. Here, the team would be divided into pairs, and each pair would be tied to each other from the wrist and they would have to do very simple tasks together. To become successful in the task, every member would have to work closely and coordinate their actions so that the activity could be completed effectively.
    Building great teams take a lot of hard work and effort. However, all this work should not always be professional instead fun activities could prove to be all the more efficient in creating teams that are well-coordinated and can work in harmony with one another.

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