Public Speaking Program

Speak Like A Pro


Do you have a fear of public speaking that is holding you back? 

Do you have a hard time connecting with your audience?

Do you struggle with putting together presentations or workshops? 

Are you struggling to get paid speaking engagements?

 The “Speak Like A PRO” program will help you improve your ability to craft your message, communicate it, and connect with your audience effectively. Are you thinking about pursuing a career as a professional speaker? I will teach you how to take your abilities to the next level and become a paid professional speaker. Read below to learn about the benefits of public speaking, our customized program, and how Game Changer coaching can help you. 

Benefits of The "Speak Like a Pro"
Public Speaker Program

Improve Ability To Promote Business or Organization

Career Advancement

Increase Confidence

Attract More Clients and Increase Sales

Enhance Your Ability to Train and Motivate others

Become An Influencer In Your Industry

Public Speaking

To be an effective public speaker you must first be clear about who you are, your values, and the brand you would like to present to your audience. Through our program we will help you to discover your authentic speaker brand. Whether you’re delivering a sales presentation or a commencement speech, we will help you develop the skills and confidence to deliver powerful presentations to your audience. :

  • Learn powerful tips and techniques to help you overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • Establish your authentic story.
  • Learn strategies to increase crowd engagement and captivate your audience.
  • Learn strategies to help you prepare for your presentations and guarantee success. 
  • Learn how to build your professional speaking business or how to leverage public speaking to improve your personal brand .                                                  

Our Process:

Define Your Speaker Brand

Clarify Your Message

Overcome The Fear

Presentation Skills


Our clients say

"I had been considering becoming a public speaker for a while, but I always doubted my abilities. I knew that in order to attract new clients and move into a leadership position I would need to polish up my skills when it came to public speaking. Working with Rennie has helped me to become a more confident speaker and promote my business"
Tim Johnson
Financial Advisor
"Rennie helped me prepare for my interview and gave me several techniques to help make sure that I separated myself from the competition by using my authentic story. He is very patient and he always gives powerful advice. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him.
Jessica Reed
"I had a major sales presentation approaching and had no idea who to call. I decided to give Game Changer Coaching a try and Rennie helped me out a lot. I was able to get a promotion based off the feedback from my presentation"
Quintin Johnson
Sales Representative
"I have always been afraid of speaking in front of anyone or even introducing myself at networking events. Rennie helped me to overcome my fears and become comfortable with getting to know people in different industries. After a few sessions I began building an effective network."
John Tempest

Frequently asked questions

This program is for:

  • Someone looking to improve their personal brand through effective communication. 
  • Someone who delivers sales presentations and wants to acquire more clients. 
  • A speaker who is looking to become a paid professional. 
  • Someone who enjoys speaking and wants to have a bigger impact on their audience. 
  • Someone in a leadership position who wants to do a better job motivating their colleagues. 

Yes, sessions can be offered via phone, skype, or zoom. 

You don’t become great overnight. It takes many years of practice and consistency. Some of the best speakers have been speaking for ten years or more. 

Yes, if you are interested in coming up with a custom package please contact us at

Good public speaking skills are now becoming a basic requirement of the workplace. It’s worth knowing that some of the benefits include creating greater opportunities for career advancement, more confidence, and strengthening your social network.

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