Rennie Curran

Game Changer Coaching
Professional Speaker Mastermind
With Rennie Curran

You are invited to join a group of like-minded leaders to come together and collaborate to drive ideas and action. Participation in this group will help clarify your goals, create a plan of action, and then act on it with the support and accountability of this new network, all in a matter of weeks.

Game Changer Coaching
Professional Speaker Mastermind
With Rennie Curran

This mastermind is built to support your career as a professional speaker along with resources that will help you take your business to the next level. Each virtual meeting consists of 60 minutes of in-depth dedicated Q & A and coaching with me for a total time of 8 hours together. These sessions are recorded and participants will get access to the recordings to use for future learning.

Between each weekly call, action steps will be provided to maximize the best results for you to become a paid professional speaker in your industry. The actions you take each week between sessions will assist you to develop your own career as a speaker by leveraging your knowledge and expertise.

If you have never heard of a speaker Mastermind before, here are a few benefits of being a part of this elite group:


I’ll help you identify your speaker brand that aligns with your interests, passion and mission. By helping you understand your target audience, empathizing with them and finding ways to connect with them, I will teach you how to build a powerful community and a business that brings consistent revenue.

After building your professional speaker brand, I will provide you with every marketing tool and strategy that I have personally used over the decades so that you can start and thrive immediately.

Not having the right bio, website, or speaker brochure can keep hold you back from multiple opportunities. In this module I will show you exactly how to package yourself in a way that communicates the value you provide to your target audience and increases your chances of getting booked for a paid speaking engagement.

In this module I will show you exactly how to not only build your business, but how to build a high performing team as well. You will also learn how to secure a manager, work with speaker bureaus, and more.

In this module, you will get access to my exclusive sales process that you can use to connect with your audience, make an everlasting connection, and convince them to hire you. I will cover everything from prospecting to networking and how to leverage social media to get multiple paid speaking opportunities.

To help you the master of your craft, I will train you to speak confidently in different situations and circumstances. I will also train you to become an adaptable leader, handle sensitive topics effectively, overcome adversity, and become mentally tough while delivering powerful speeches for your audience.

You can receive lots of future opportunities if you learn execute your presentations at a high level. By leveraging the years of first-hand experience, I will help you become the eye-catcher and the speaker who inspires everyone. You will learn the keys for a powerful message, audience engagement techniques, and more!

I’ll help you build a system so that your speaking engagements generate consistent revenue whether you're speaking virtually or on a stage shining brightly under the spotlight. This is a one-time investment with a lifetime benefit.

Free Spot at the Annual Game Changers Professional Speaker Showcase where you will have the opportunity to deliver your message, testimonials, and get leads for the future!

Benefits of Mastermind Program

Get in front of the types of audiences you want with a much stronger speaker brand that gets noticed. Opportunities will start to come to you more than you seek them out

Become part of a Speaker’s Mastermind Group, with top speakers and thought leaders in your niche, which can be enlightening, inspiring and helpful in building your new role as a speaker (whether part-time or full-time)

Have more confidence to overcome the fear of public speaking

Build your support team that allows you to focus on doing what you do best

Increase your number of talks per year, increase your speaker income, and/or increase your influence

Learn how to secure your engagement, craft your message, and preparation techniques that will create consistent success



Have a powerful marketing and sales system for getting more opportunities to speak

Deliver authentic, enlightening, and more impactful presentations

Speaker mastermind coaching

Once you fill out the application, we will schedule a time to talk about where you currently are with your speaking journey, discuss your current challenges, and future plans. This will to ensure that we are the right fit for each other and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the Game Changers Professional Speaker Mastermind.
I’m looking forward to working with you and supporting you as you grow your business!
All the best,


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