“What Does It Take To Be A Star?” Autographed Children’s Book

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Autographed Children’s Book Signed and Personalized by the Authors Rennie and Eleana Curran



A young boy goes on a journey to discover what it takes to become famous. He quickly learns that it takes a lot more than a dream, and ends up on a mission of self-discovery. Will he be able to uncover the mystery of stardom and understand what it takes to become a star?

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1 review for “What Does It Take To Be A Star?” Autographed Children’s Book

  1. Josh Bagby

    Often times all children see is the glamorized, finished product that their role models show on tv or during a performance. It’s easy to fall into thinking they were born with their talents or lucked into being famous. More often than not, the people our kids look up to outside the family put in a lot of time and effort to become world class athletes and performers. This book, written by a world class athlete and all around good guy along with his young daughter, does an excellent job putting what kind of effort it takes to become a star in simple language children can understand.

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