Free Agent Book 2nd Edition (Autographed)



Have you experienced failure on the path to achieving your dreams? What about a rough break-up? Got laid off from your job? Lost someone you loved? As parts of the universal human life process, these experiences of disappointment, devastation and despair all lead us to the paths of self-awareness and purpose discovery. At the crossroads of life, we are able to decide which path we will take to lead us into the next season of our lives. And even though the future is unknown to us day by day, being able to consistently choose the best route to take in order to fulfill our destiny can feel like the challenge of a lifetime.

In Free Agent, Rennie Curran details how his experience of living out his childhood dream in making it to the NFL only for that dream to turn into an obstacle as he was cut from his first team to discuss how dreams are often met with the adversity of reality. Curran presents powerful nuggets of wisdom and delivers useful tools for overcoming challenges in life’s seasons of transition.

Whether you’re a student transitioning from the classroom into the workforce, an employee facing challenging circumstances on the job, or a business owner whose life work balance seems to be crumbling right before your eyes, Free Agent is a motivational book that will empower you to accept, embrace and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

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