The mother of former Georgia linebacker Rennie Curran let him leave school early for the NFL draft under one condition – she made him sign a contract, agreeing to go back to school and complete his business degree.

Now seven years later, Curran is days away from keeping that promise.

The linebacker had three semesters left to earn his degree. He returned to school in 2013 and has been taking two to three classes at a time according to He has also begun public speaking and wrote his first book entitled, “Free Agent”.

Curran told how difficult it’s been earning his degree, but that it’s ultimately what matters most when attending college.

“We all have the dream of playing at the University of Georgia when we come here as student athletes, but ultimately you realize education is what matters most,” said Curran. “That’s the one thing after your body is depleted, and after you leave the field — whether you go high or go low in your endeavors athletically — no one can ever take that degree away from you. Once you get it, the sky is the limit.”

After being named the defensive captain as a junior and recording 245 total tackles in his final two college seasons, the Tennessee Titans selected Curran in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He played for the Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL and then suited up in the Canadian Football League until 2015.

Curran plans to continue public speaking and wants to write more books down the road after graduation.

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