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I was recently approached by my former high school classmate, Chase Hawkins, about an opportunity to change the sporting world. At first I had no idea what to think, but as I learned more, I couldn’t help but to be excited about the opportunity. I chose to join SportChirp because I realized that there was a major need for a resource like this in order to help current/future athletes as well as individuals looking to pursue an active lifestyle.
SportChirp.com will be the first website dedicated to reviewing teams, coaches and organizations across all sports and levels. It will also allow members to build a profile to network, post pursuits, and be recruited by teams. If you’re a parent looking to get your kids on the right sports team, a high school recruit looking to make the right decision for college, an adult looking to join a local co-ed team, or someone simply looking for a pick-up game/event in your area then SportChirp.com will be perfect for you!
With that being said I wanted to ask you a favor. I will keep the favor short so I don’t waste your time. What I will request will take 5 minutes max and is crucial to SportChirp’s success when we launch in early 2016.

My request:  Athletes | Parents | Coaches: Please sign up at SportChirp.com

What will that get you? By writing one team review = free access to SportChirp, forever. The sport’s team or organization you review can be across any sport or level that you were associated with in the past or present. Once complete, you can then use SportChirp at your pleasure to read reviews of other teams, coaches and organizations. Also, you can build a profile to network, post pursuits and be recruited. No more navigating through thousands of outdated websites to connect with your next team or sporting event to take you to the next level or simply have some fun in a recreational league.

Why is your review important to us? Reviews are what drive SportChirp. Our community, as the review count builds over time, will provide more depth and context for athletes, parents, and coaches everywhere to better navigate their athletic careers and interests.

Kind regards,

Rennie Curran
Director of Business Development
3340 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 1800
Atlanta, Ga 30326

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