Inspirational Keynotes for Schools, Businesses, Nonprofits, and Associations

Rennie Curran loves to inspire audiences on the topic of leadership. His experience of arriving at the University of Georgia regarded as an undersized linebacker, leaving after three years as the most valuable player, and being recognized as a permanent team captain has given Rennie valuable lessons on what it takes to lead a team.

Whether addressing executive leaders, salespeople, students, or athletes his mission is to help people become better leaders. Rennie motivates audiences to lead by example, focusing on personal development in order to achieve success no matter the obstacles. He will leave your audience with tools to lead change and capitalize on opportunities for growth while accelerating personal and organizational performance.

Rennie also works in partnership with Jon Gordon Companies to help organizations drive positive leadership and culture.


“Lead to Win”

Bringing in a speaker to get your audience fired up is great, but you’ll also want your keynote speaker to share practical tools, strategies, and approaches that leave a lasting impact on anyone who hears it. Rennie’s message will deliver powerful outcomes that will forever change your audiences perspectives on leadership.

In the program, Rennie will equip participants to: 

  • Overcoming adversity with simple concepts that deepen self-awareness and resilience
  • Have a championship mindset that creates new standards
  • Develop techniques for mental toughness and habits that drive results
  • Find opportunities in every situation
  • Strive for success that leads to fulfillment
  • Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude even when the odds are against them.
  • Lead effective teams
  • Increase engagement and moral

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Change Management and Overcoming Adversity Speaker For Schools, Businesses, and Associations

Challenges exist for nearly all individuals, teams, or organizations. They can be difficult, painful and costly. The ability to bounce back with a relentless mentality can mean the difference between ultimate success or failure in life or business.

Those who can take risks, maintain confidence, and push forward in the face of adversity can take advantage of significant opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and create value for any organization they are apart of.

Rennie Curran has battled adversity throughout his entire life. His early experiences of being born to Liberian immigrants who knew nothing about football, being labeled undersized his entire career, becoming a successful entrepreneur, and returning to his alma mater to finish his business degree while playing professional football has given him many life lessons on overcoming adversity on the path to success.

Change Management Speaker Rennie Curran will show you how to manage change in the workplace and how to do it gracefully. Whether you are struggling to get by or experiencing massive success, Rennie will show you how to develop the balance and resilience to handle whatever comes your way.

Embracing the Journey-
“Taking Risk, Massive Action, and Overcoming Adversity”

Adversity knows no respect of person. Whether you are a student, employee, or executive, learning how to effectively overcome adversity and challenges is one of the most important life lessons to be taught. Being equipped with the tools and strategies to handle adversity as it comes your way, not only prepares you to handle tough times but ultimately sets you up to win in the game of life! In this powerful presentation, Rennie challenges audiences to keep pushing and realize that success is waiting on the other side of your process.
In this powerful program, Rennie will teach your audience:

  • Strategies for overcoming everyday challenges of life
  • Cultivate the right team of support
  • Use failure to their advantage by having the right perspective
  • How to shift their mindset to attract their desired results
    through next level thinking
  • Having a personal mission that drives them in times of uncertainty