Five Reasons Why Your Teachers Will Love The Free Agent Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Looking for SEL Curriculum for your school? Look no further. Your teaches will love the Free Agent Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. Heres why:

  •  This curriculum was created by a TEACHER with over 25 years of experience in the Gwinnett County School System for TEACHERS!
  •  According to the Middle and High School AthleQcs ParQcipaQon Survey, 55.5 percent of all students play a sport. Using relevant curriculum that relates to athletes as well as non-athletes will only increase “buy-in”, creating a better learning experience for students.
  •  Teachers have one thing missing from their days- TIME. This program has ready-made acQviQes, so there is NO EXTRA PLANNING for teachers! There are no emails, no packets, no copies to make! The entire program is put together, using Free Agent, in an easy to follow teacher manual, and the students have their own keepsake workbook, so there is truly NO PREP!
  •  Teachers have no stress with this program. They can sit back and allow budding student leaders to completely lead and facilitate the program. They can choose a permanent leader or rotate each chapter. Teachers can offer as much input as they wish. It is truly TEACHER FRIENDLY!
  •  The program is multi-modal and designed to meet the learning styles of all types of learners, so it is designed to flow easily in the advisement period for all. The program incorporates strategies that veteran and new teachers will find helpful, and can possibly use in other classes!
  •  The program allows students to work on goal setting, leadership skills, and being a good person- all things that will help encourage positive interactions with students, which, in turn, makes teaching more pleasurable. It presents thought-provoking questions to help students consider positive, lifelong changes.
  •  This program is not choppy and incongruous like other programs. The lessons flow along with each chapter, and they are designed to truly connect with teenagers. When teens feel connected, there is “buy-in”, which makes it easier for teachers!

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