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Free Agent Book

Free Agent: The Intangible Assets For Overcoming Adversity and Times of Transition

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Book Summary

Rennie was inspired to pen his first book in April 2013, “Free Agent: The Intangible Assets For Overcoming Adversity and Times of Transition” after being released by his first NFL team, the Tennessee Titans. In “Free Agent” Rennie explains how much like a free agent in the sports world, we all face times of uncertainty on the path to achieving our dreams.

He discusses how to use adversity as a tool to develop the intangible assets that will eventually lead to success. The book also talks about how the obstacles you face in life can make you realize what is most important. The primary objective of this ten-chapter, 150-page book is to provide readers with the inspiration to continue pursuing their dreams, no matter what obstacles they face.

Book Chapters

Chapter 1: The Free Agent

Chapter 2: Imagination and Dreaming

Chapter 3: Self-Motivation – Pushing Your Dreams

Chapter 4: Self-Confidence and Determination

Chapter 5: Self-Control and Sacrifice

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Chapter 6: Success and Fame

Chapter 7: Pride and Humility

Chapter 8: Failures

Chapter 9: Giving Back

Chapter 10: The Importance of Relationships, Family, and Faith

The Free Agent Book Educational Curriculum

The Free Agent Book Curriculum was created as a guide by Heidi Campbell, a veteran high school English and Journalism teacher of 21 years, in order to help students to connect lessons from the book to their lives.

The book and companion guide benefit students on many levels, incorporating reading skills, giving opportunities to write reflectively, take part in leadership opportunities within the classroom, and develop life skills to help them in and out of the classroom. Contact

Learning Outcomes

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