5 Reasons Why You Can’t Give Up Now

Life ain’t nothing but a grind! I’ve come to the conclusion that whether you have lots of money in your bank account, the perfect love life or all the fame in the world, everyone is going through something. It can be easy at times to truly believe that certain people have no worries and go through life with the sun always shining on their side and a never ending supply of luck. I guarantee you though, that if you were to have an honest conversation with that individual you would quickly realize that he or she is going through just as many problems, if not more problems than you.

Every time I think about my struggles and begin to get overwhelmed by life’s obstacles, I quickly try to focus on the reasons to keep pushing forward. In a world filled with so much uncertainty, you’ve got to have those motivating factors that keep your mind in check when it feels like your back is against the wall. This isn’t the perfect list of course, but these are some reasons why YOU can’t afford to give up now:

You’ve worked way too hard

Think about all the battles you’ve already overcome. I’m sure you can think of multiple times when you’ve made huge mistakes, had major accidents or you were involved in an incident that at the time seemed certain to mean the end of you.

Through all this you’re still standing, so why stop pushing now? All of those negative circumstances have made you into an even stronger person today. You deserve some type of reward for the amount of times you have bounced back from all the failures, stress, and unnecessary nonsense you’ve endured along the way. The tough thing is not knowing when that reward will come.

There are people just waiting for you to fail

There are people out there who look at you and don’t think you’re worth a piece of crap. They expect nothing of you except for you to become a failure. They use things like statistics to define you and use the past to dictate your future. They’ll say things like, “You’re never going to do this or that.” Even your own family may have given up on you, but the only thing that matters is what you believe. There is nothing better in life than proving negative people wrong and making them eat their own words.

There are people who are looking up to you

Believe it or not, there are people who are watching you every single day. People you may not even realize. It could be someone on your job, a younger sibling or someone you may randomly meet. You never know what another person in your circle is going through and just by you persevering through your challenges, you may indirectly give someone hope to push through theirs.

It seems that every once in a while when I start getting down or feeling overwhelmed I seem to get a random message from someone, usually a young kid who is going through the same battles I once went through, being called undersized and trying to live his dreams, letting me know that I give him hope. This is what I live for. This is why I keep fighting.

There will never be another you

Whether you realize it or not, you have an amazing gift or talent inside of you. It can be easy in this life for negative circumstances, toxic environments and even the people in our lives to make us forget how important we truly are. Always remember that there will never be another you and you DO matter. Your opinions matter, your dreams matter, and most of all…your life matters. Regardless of whether people think you’re pretty or not, you have money or not, fame or status, there is some unique ability you possess that can provide value to any situation. If there’s any reason to keep pushing, its because you only have one shot to live this life.

You have so much to live for!

Whenever you think of giving up, allow your mind to focus on the possibilities of what you can accomplish if you just continue to move forward and take things one day at a time. At times it may seem that you’re working hard with no progress, but I guarantee you that nothing you’re going through will be wasted. As my mother says, “ no sacrifice goes unrewarded.”

If you choose to focus only on the physical things of this world, it will be easy for your emotions to fluctuate, becoming unstable depending on what things look like externally. This is why its so important to have a mental vision that keeps you positively focused internally even when your surroundings may look horrible and the people around you have nothing good to say. Having this vision will help you push past those times when you’re going through the storm, giving you the ability to understand that it is all temporary.

Never stop believing that the best is yet to come! Don’t give up.

Rennie Curran is the author of “Free Agent – The Perspectives of A Young African American Athlete”, motivational speaker, musician, and linebacker who is currently a free agent. You can follow him on twitter: @RennieCurran53, Instagram: @RennieCurran, or visit his website at www.renniecurran.com.

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