• The student workbook is a teacher-created companion to Free Agent. It helps students not only understand the important lessons found in each chapter, but it also helps them connect these lessons to their own lives. This workbook benefits students on many levels. Not only will students incorporate reading skills, but they will have opportunities to write reflectively, take part in leadership opportunities within the classroom, hone in on key discussion topics, and develop goals and life skills to help them in and out of the classroom. The workbook is packed with interesting activities about strengthening relationship skills, responding to peer pressure, goal setting, decision-making, building self-confidence, managing time, and making responsible choices.
  • The teacher edition has been completely annotated to give every teacher confidence to guide their students through a study of Free Agent. The teacher edition includes lots of extras: suggestions for responses, clarification for difficult words, ideas for presenting material, video clips for relevant movie tie-ins, and links to pertinent articles. This edition offers suggestions for utilizing student leaders, focused reading strategies, and sample responses to questions.