Accelerate growth and inspire your team to take action through empowering, energetic, and thought-provoking workshops. 4

The impact of these services are endless. These workshops are designed to:

  • Build a Positive Culture
  • Increase Retention
  • Improve Team Chemistry and Morale
  • Increase Productivity and Employee Engagement
  • Improve Innovation and Growth

The Boost Mental Toughness & Leadership program teaches individuals and groups how to gain the most competitive edge in sport, life, and business by developing and enhancing their mental skills with regards to motivation, focus, confidence, self-talk, mindfulness and leadership. The program is built to be fast, remote, and effective. 

  • Build Confidence
  • Improve Focus
  • Utilize Positive Self-Talk
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Develop Effective Imagery Skills
  • Distraction Minimization Techniques
  • Learn Relaxation Techniques

The Driver of Positive Change leadership workshop is an interactive program that gives individuals and teams the necessary tools and teaching to change from being task-driven followers to growth-driven leaders that know how to:

  • Build a Positive Culture
  • Share The Vision
  • Lead With Optimism
  • Transfer Belief
  • Communicate and Connect With Their Team
  • Execute With Purpose and Succeed In A Challenging and Changing World
  • Align Personal, Team and Organizational goals

"Expand Your Personal Brand" Workshop

The Game Changer Personal Branding Workshop teaches individuals and groups how to build a personal brand that will set them apart as influential leaders in their industry. 

  • Learn the importance of personal branding and how it impacts your professional career 
  • Understand how to Identify your personal brand
  • Develop a personal branding strategy that drives success 
  • Learn how to leverage your brand in order to create more opportunities
  • Learn how to create a personal brand message that resonates with your target audience

"Fundamentals of Management" Workshop

Proper training can help your managers make a smooth transition from individual contributor to management. This workshop will help your new managers develop the necessary tools, skills, and training to become effective leaders who can motivate team members, communicate effectively, and drive results for your organization. The workshop also covers coaching, feedback, and other forms of being an effective leader. 

  • Give your new managers the confidence to implement company strategies, handle conflict, and train subordinates to perform  
  • Provide team building opportunity for managers from different departments to work together in achieving their goals 
  • Help company leaders develop strategies to implement new changes without interrupting productivity
  • Learn effective ways to give feedback in order to increase motivation and employee engagement 
  • Help new managers develop their own personal leadership style that their team members will best respond to. 

"Leading Your Team With Diversity & Inclusion" Workshop

This workshop will help your leaders understand the importance of diversity & inclusion beyond race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Participants will learn the business case for diversity and identify the gaps that their organization may have in meeting their D&I goals. The workshop with delve into the importance of effective communication and relationship building with diverse teams. 

  • Learn the benefits of diversity and inclusion 
  • Develop a culture of inclusion 
  • Learn strategies to create a D&I initiative that is more than just a mission statement 
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with diverse teams
  • Learn strategies for handling conflict 

Other Options

Leadership Basics - Will increase team focus and provide developmental opportunities for your staff.

Conflict Resolution/Change Management - Will show employees how to solve a problem using the theory of Root Cause Analysis. It will also show them how to survive change management in their day to day function.

Public Speaking - This course will help give public speakers the confidence and tools to help them deliver quality workshops and keynote presentations.