Personal Branding & Performance Speaker Rennie Curran

In the current age of social media, your personal brand is one of the most powerful tools you own. Rennie has practical steps that can help your audience establish a personal brand that sets them apart from the competition.

Rennie Curran will help to create an amazing experience for your audience by bringing a completely different approach to personal branding. As a former professional athlete, author, and entrepreneur Rennie is the perfect speaker to discuss the importance of having a personal brand that allows you to set yourself apart from your competition while establishing a legacy that leads to fulfillment.

Whether serving as a workshop facilitator, opening, or closing speaker Rennie will craft a customized message that will both inspire and empower your audience members. His presentations are filled with real-world takeaways that will empower your group with the mental toughness to drive individual and team results.

Be a GameChanger – “Creating a Personal Brand that Gives You a Competitive Edge and Attracts the Masses”

Have you ever witnessed a student, athlete, or business professional that completely dominates whatever they do? They exude confidence, poise, and charisma and seem to navigate through obstacles with ease. They not only obtain consistent success, but they captivate people wherever they go using sheer skill and talent. There is a method to this. Would you like to know what it is? In this insightful program, Rennie provides your audience with a game plan to:

  • Learn strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition
  • Principles to help reach their fullest potential in life and operate at a high level of consistency
  • Increase performance focus and personal fulfillment
  • Develop a personal mission statement that attracts and compels opportunity and participation

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