Everything about Rennie’s life has been about peak performance. Whether on the field as a linebacker leading his team in tackles, creating value as an entrepreneur, or impacting lives as a life coach he has built a personal brand around consistently striving for greatness. Rennie will teach your audience about having a championship mindset along with practical tools that many top performers use in order to be the best version of themselves on a consistent basis.

Rennie has spent many years surrounded by top leaders and performers. He knows first hand what it takes to operate under extreme pressure when the game is on the line. The lessons he has learned on the field have taught him why many people fail under pressure and why others seem to rise to the occasion. He has a wealth of experiences that allow him to be able to deliver a hard-hitting message that will help your audience achieve new levels of performance, sales, leadership, and teamwork.



Capitalize – “Finding Winning Opportunities in Every Phase of Life”

Opportunity is available to everyone and waits for no one. Whether you are struggling to find a way to survive from day to day or seeking out ways to level up in your personal and professional endeavors, locating the “right” path is sometimes a tough feat. Life has a way of pointing out where there is lack that areas of abundance and overflow are often overlooked, leading us to make life a tad bit more complicated than it has to be.
In this inspiring message, Rennie uncovers many of the hidden gems that are often taken for granted when striving to achieve dreams and reach new levels of success. Your audience will learn to:

  • Discover their unique set of “winning” qualities
  • Successfully leverage connections and knowledge to use to their advantage
  • Cultivate daily productivity habits that induce high performance
  • Create strategies to take their personal and professional life from mediocre to magnificent
  • Live with a new zeal for life


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