As a former professional athlete, author, and successful entreprenuer Rennie Curran is in high demand to inspire change and ignite passion within the lives of all who hear him. From Sports Teams, Fortune 500 companies, and National Associations, to School districts, and Non-Profit Organizations, Rennie has been invited onto numerous stages across multiple industries to pour into the lives of others for the purposes of personal and professional development. Because of his heart for people and his will to be a conduit of empowerment across generational lines, Rennie has a way of delivering power-packed keynote messages and facilitating engaging workshops that not only give participants renewed sense of self-awareness, but a fresh outlook on life as a whole.

Rennie is available for:

  • Sales & Executive teams
  • Associations (Opening/Closing Speaker)
  • Leadership & Entreprenuership Summits
  • Workshops & Panel Discussions
  • Schools (K-12 & Colleges)
  • Commencement Speeches
  • Sports Teams
  • Churches & Non-Profit Associations
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    Past Keynotes

    Be A Game Changer: Lead To Win

    Expanding Your Brand

    Capitolize: Finding Winning Opportunities in Every Phase of Life

    Driver of Positive Change:Leadership that Transforms

    Embracing the Journey-
    “Taking Risk, Massive Action, and Overcoming Adversity”

    Adversity knows no respect of person. Whether you are a student, employee, or executive, learning how to affectively overcome adversity and challenge is one of the most important life lessons to be taught. Being equipped with the tools and tactics to handle trouble as it comes your way, not only prepares you to fight but ultimately sets you up to win in the game of life! Keep pushing! Your success is waiting for you on the other side of your process.
    In this powerful program, Rennie will teach your audience:

    • Strategies for overcoming every day challenges of life including
      cultivating a team of support
    • How to use failure to their advantage
    • How to shift their mindset to attract their desired results
      through next level thinking

    There is a method to this. Would you like to know what it is?

    Be a GameChanger - “Creating a Personal Brand that Gives You a Competitive Edge and Attracts the Masses”

    Have you ever witnessed a student, athlete, or individual who completely dominates whatever they do? They exude confidence, poise, and charisma and they seem to navigate through obstacles with ease. Not only obtain consistent success, but they captivate people wherever they go using sheer skill and talent. There is a method to this. Would you like to know what it is?
    In this insightful program, Rennie provides your audience with a game plan to:

    • Increase performance focus and personal fulfillment
    • Learn strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition
    • Principles to help reach their fullest potential in life and operate at a high level of consistency
    • Develop a personal mission statement that attracts and compels opportunity and participation

    Related Applications: Sales Performance, Personal Branding, Service Excellence, Personal & Professional Productivity, Marketing Training & Development

    Capitalize - “Finding Winning Opportunities in Every Phase of Life”

    Opportunity is available to everyone and waits for no one. Whether you are struggling to find a way to survive from day to day or seeking out ways to level up in your personal and professional endeavors, locating the “right” path is sometimes a tough feat. Life has a way of pointing out where there is lack that areas of abundance and overflow are often overlooked, leading us to make life a tad bit more complicated than it has to be.
    In this inspiring message, Rennie uncovers many of the hidden gems that are often taken for granted when striving to achieve dreams and reach new levels of success. Your audience will learn to:

    • Discover their unique set of “winning” qualities
    • Successfully leverage connections and knowledge to use to their advantage
    • Cultivate daily productivity habits that induce high performance
    • Create strategies to take their personal and professional life from mediocre to magnificent
    • Live with a new zeal for life

    Related Applications: Personal Productivity, Mental Toughness, Positive Lifestyles, Training & Development, Success Strategies Additional Offerings

    Driver of Positive Change - “Leadership that Transforms”

    “Driver of Positive Change” is an interactive program facilitated by a certified Jon Gordon Companies consultant that provides managers and leaders with the necessary tools and teachings to change from being task-driven managers to growth-driven leaders that know how to:

    • Build the culture
    • Share the vision
    • Lead with optimism
    • Transfer belief
    • Communicate and connect with their team
    • Execute with purpose and succeed in a challenging and changing world
    • Align personal, team and organizational goals


    Rennie is the real deal. His talk was refreshing. Lots of things in his talk have universal application. Glad he shared his story.
    This man has a great story. People of his character and integrity are what we need at each conference. Out of the 3 years we have attended conference this is bar Nunn the best ever.

    Rennie did a great job connecting with us. His humility showed. I liked that his faith was a big part of his life.

    Topic: Taking Risk and Massive Action Towards Personal Growth - Rennie Curran ................................... 4.75 / 5


    1. The diversity in speakers was amazing.
    2. I really enjoyed his humble spirit and the wisdom of determination that he shared.
    3. Rennie spoke from the heart and was very relatable. Great choice.
    4. Excellent speaker, presentation right on point with FL values
    5. Awesome young man and presentation!
    6. Inspirational!
    7. I enjoyed his story, looking forward to reading the book.
    8. Sincere message with heart
    9. Great. Very motivating.
    10. Really impressive, just what everyone needs to hear.
    11. Great
    Dale Karmie, CEO of ForeverLawn Inc.

    We would like to thank Rennie Curran for taking the time to come and speak at the Cobb Leadership - Sports & Entertainment Program. He was such an inspiring and genuine person. The audience could really relate to the things he shared and I heard several of them discussing specific leadership topics he covered. We appreciate him sharing his book, “Free Agent”, with us as well. It is a great read.

    We hope that he can speak at our program again next year. Good luck in your journey as a “Free Agent” and I wish you the best Rennie!

    Garland M. Smith, Cobb Chamber of Commerce

    Rennie's positive, energetic messaging is fresh and resonates with audiences. He is able to make old-fashioned hard work, dedication, and persistence sound relevant to the "iY generation"! His talks are popular with our students and his book offers a terrific opportunity for us to keep his message active for an extended period!

    Ted White , Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services , UGA

    Rennie Curran has been one of the greatest speakers I have ever had the pleasure to work with and listen to. He uses his passion for not just football but for God and provides a great example of what a humble servant should be. God has truly blessed Rennie on and off the field and Rennie is sure to use every bit of that talent. We had a HUGE turnout for our event and I can’t tell you how many people have called to let me know how much Rennie has impacted them and how great of a job he did. This man is a great Player, Author, Speaker and Leader. I highly recommend Rennie Curran for any kind of speaking engagement you might have.

    Matt Miller, Campus Ministries

    Mr. Rennie Curran was a dynamic keynote speaker for Chapel Hill Middle School’s Black History Month (BHM) assembly. Not only did he engage and energize our middle schoolers; he received a standing ovation and connected with them on their level. He delivered an inspiring keynote address with a powerful message. He reminded our students to recognize their gifts and the importance of hard work. His words were incredibly meaningful and hit home for several of our students.

    Dr. Jolene Morris, Chapel Hill Middle School Principal

    I recently arranged for him to talk to my son’s High School (Kings Ridge Christian School). He had absolute command of the 250 students and teachers in the audience. Have you ever seen 250 teenagers hanging on every word. His message of you can succeed if you try and if you allow God to help lead your way was well received by all. He handled himself in a relaxed manner. He answered lots of questions extremely well. I received many,many favorable comments in the following days.

    If you need to someone to talk to a group, I highly recommend Rennie.

    Phil Mazzilli, Kings Ridge Christian School

    Partial Client List

    ForeverLawn Corporation
    Professional Entertainment and Sports Association
    Georgia Marketing, Member Services and Communicators Associations
    JC Crew Corp
    ONEsource Facility Solutions
    Rubicon Global
    Fellowship Of Christian Athletes
    Rotary Club of Lawrenceville
    Rotary Club of Buckhead
    Rotary Club of Gwinnett
    Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
    Sumter County Chamber of Commerce
    Synergy Sports Wellness Institute
    Leadership Gwinnett
    Success Summit Athens
    African American Male Experience
    Cobb County Leadership
    Center for Black Women’s Wellness Sega Prep Sports
    In the Game Sports
    Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
    University of Georgia Football
    University of Georgia Terry Collage of Business
    Chowan University
    Atlanta Technical College Kennessaw State
    Boys and Girls Club
    Tennessee State
    Brookwood High School
    Parkview High School
    Peachtree Ridge High School
    South Gwinnett High School
    Gwinnett Mentoring Program PeachTree Academy
    Alonzo Mourning Foundation
    Baylor School
    Smitha Middle School
    Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Crosspointe
    North Pointe Church
    Snellville Methodist Church
    International Christian Fellowship
    Nation of Christ Church