Speaker information

Thank you very much for your interest in having Rennie as the speaker for your upcoming engagement! Rennie considers it am honor that you would consider him. His heart is and always will be focused on reaching the crowd while creating a positive impact on others. Please allow us to outline some important information that will better clarify this process. This helps to take care of your desire to have him speak in the most effective way possible. We are here to serve you in any way possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in any way. 


In the occasion that your organization’s opportunity is within a drivable distance (within 200 miles), Rennie and his assistant will typically drive to the location. We graciously request that in case of being outside of a driving distance, round-trip airfare (coach class) and luggage fees are provided. Unless otherwise requested, we require that the round-trip airfare be purchased by the host/organization upon booking the event. 

Lodging / Food: 

We request that one hotel room be provided for Rennie. The host will also be responsible for all meals for Rennie from the time he arrives until the time he departs. 


We request that you provide the following for Rennie’s presentation: 

1. Projector, screen, and laptop with powerpoint for presentation.

2. Lapel wireless microphone for voice 

3. Internet connection 

4. Podium must be moved to either side of the stage 

5. Rennie use’s his own wireless remote presenter to advance his slides 

6. Rennie can provide a digital version of the presentation in advance upon request 

7. Full house lights 

8. Rennie will bring a jump drive containing his presentation and related materials. 

We request that clients provide a copy of any video or pictures taken of Rennie at the event within 10 days after the event has proceeded.

Financial Information

We request that a 50% fee deposit be paid via Check or Paypal in order to secure your event and ensure that the date is firmly held. The remaining balance can be paid a week prior to the event. A contract requiring signature will be sent within 24 hours upon agreement of the speaker’s fee to finalize the arrangement. 

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