Game Changer Life and Business Coaching

Packages Include:

  • 30 minute-1 Hour sessions In Person/Phone/Skype
  • Individualized coaching plan that is focused on your goals
  • Strategies to gain clarity, explore opportunities for growth, and overcome obstacles
  • Weekly action items
  • Email/Text availability
  • Personal Developement Resources
  • Elite Athlete Evaluation
  • Follow-up Session
  • and much more!


Rennie will discuss what you need to be succesfful!

Life Coach Topics

Goal Setting
Work/Life Balance
Personal Branding
Career Transition
Finding Fulfillment
Conflict Resolution
Time Management
Competitive edge
"Dealing With Being in the Lime-Light" Recruiting Process
NFL Draft Prep
Training and Nutrition/Meal Planning

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Business Coach Topics

Business Planning
Strategic Marketing
Sales Training
Gov. Contracting
Personal Brand Coaching
Book Writing
Public Speaking
Lead Generation
Corporate Training

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  • Certified Life and Business Coach with Life Purpose Institute.
  • General Business Degree – University of Georgia
  • 3 time all american, Butkus Award finalist, Ronnie lott award finalist, and led SEC in tackles multiple years while at UGA.
  • 3rd round draft pick for Tennessee Titans after being labled as undersized, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Linebacker for Edmonton Eskimos, Western Conference Finalist 2014.
  • Board Member for P.O. Network and Terry College of Business Young Alumni.
  • Professional Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Author of Motivational Self help book "Free Agent".
  • Has worked with several corporate businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and athletes at every level.

Prior to our session, you will complete a questionaire providing Rennie with:

The topics you want to discuss

Your current obstacles

What is working and not working

What you are wanting to get out

and much more.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!


We first met Rennie at a football camp in early 2015, and he made a huge impression on us as parents, and on our son, Grayson. He coached not only on football skills and technique, but also skills that young athletes require for success off the field. We bought Rennie’s book, “Free Agent,” for Grayson, and reading it impacted us more than we could imagine.

We contacted Rennie this spring because we were worried about some issues with which Grayson was struggling in the classroom that were also beginning to affect his athletic abilities. He plays several sports, and he just wasn’t performing, and didn’t seem to be having fun on the field. Rennie’s process is thorough and professional. He knows exactly how to tap into what makes a student athlete tick. He met with Grayson at the same gym where he trains, and this alone was so impressive! He spoke at length with Grayson about his own experiences, and what it takes to focus in class, to contribute at home, and to compete on the field. What we love most, though, is his Christ-centered approach. He knows and appreciates God given talent, and helps young athletes recognize and appreciate the same. He helped Grayson understand the value of hard work , staying humble and grounded, and the importance of never giving up under any circumstances. Rennie assisted Grayson in defining his dream a way that we were unable.

Since his meeting this spring, we’ve seen a change in Grayson. This summer he’s committed to working on his craft every single day in some way. For an eight-year old child, this is unbelievable! He’s respectful, he’s driven, and he’s working hard. His confidence has shot through the roof. Recently Rennie made a follow-up call to Grayson to see how things are going, and this meant the world to us and to Grayson. We’re looking forward to a lifelong relationship of learning with Rennie. He’s truly helping to build a foundation of excellence for Grayson, and seeing is believing that anything is possible when you work hard.

We can’t say enough about our experience with Rennie Curran. If you are looking for a life coach for your student athlete, look no further. You won’t find a better example of a professional athlete with real life lessons to share.

Jerry Stafford
Motivating Isaiah has deemed a little difficult in the past because like we discussed he is so level headed all the time. He doesn’t get excited about much which is the complete opposite of my personality. I am an athlete so my parenting has very closely mirrored the way I have played and coached. I have, up until this point, tried to help him in the ways I knew I learned best. Or in ways that pumped me up about meeting a goal. The “Goal Board” has him ready to take this year head on! It was all he has talked about since we left you. He is very creative and this simple, yet very effective, task has him ready to set goals as well as meet them.

This first meeting was great. We enjoyed learning about where you started (even though I have read your book, it does resonate a little differently when it is in person). And the step by step that you printed out is very helpful for me. You were very well spoken and talked with Isaiah like he was a friend which from my perspective made him feel very comfortable. We are looking forward to the next meeting as well as the opportunity to work on some drills!

As a mom I wanted to say Thank you as well, Not just for helping Isaiah but for giving me tools as a parent to help him achieve his goals. I left our meeting inspired not only for Isaiah, but for myself. I too will be making a “Goal Board” to assist me in reaching my goals.

I support you and the wonderful work you are doing!! I hope you have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you again!

Leanne Warren
Thank you again for your investment in Matthew and all of the other kids that you are trying to help. This will give you my feedback on our meeting.

Your approach is highly professional. You asked us to complete a fairly extensive questionnaire prior to our meeting. It was obvious that you spent quite some time developing this questionnaire; it was also apparent that you were diligent in reading our responses had a good understanding about where we come from and where we hope to go.

You came to the meeting well prepared with an outline of action steps and traits which would be helpful for my son to develop. I will add that you could have taken the easy route and simply relied on your celebrity to inspire my son. (He/we are fans and would have been inspired just by getting to hang out with you for a while.) However, you did not treat the meeting as a “fan-greet”. You came to the meeting with a real plan and real recommendations as to how he might improve himself as a player, person and child of God.
I will also comment upon your humility. There was not even a hint of superiority – or the implication that “I’m great and maybe if you work hard you can be better than you are, but obviously not as good as me.” Rather, you dealt with my son as an equal. You treated him as a friend and treated him with respect – not intimidation.

I can’t really offer any suggestions for improvement regarding the meeting itself as it accomplished its full purpose – and it was fun as a bonus. If I am to make a suggestion it has to do with follow up. Given the modest fee that I paid we cannot expect to have unlimited access to your ongoing support. However, if Matthew had some accountability to you (in addition to himself) an additional element of motivation might exist. I am sending a copy of a brief monthly goal summary that I will ask Matthew to keep for himself. I might also tell him that he is to share this summary with you a couple of times per year. Let me emphasize that I do not expect you to analyze or give feedback on his progress; just the mere fact that he knows he is somewhat accountable to you might add that extra motivation he at times needs.

As a Bulldog season ticket holder since 1980 (36 years and counting!) it was a great pleasure to meet one of our most outstanding players. However, it was an even greater pleasure to see the character of the fine man who terrorized offenses wearing Number 35!

Bob Curry