Rennie, Eleana, and Illustrator Dylan Ross love to do school visits when their schedule permits. There’s nothing more fun than meeting kids and getting them fired up about reading, writing, and achieving their dreams!They are very committed to helping students to develop good character values along with the confidence to know that they can accomplish anything through a solid education. Making sure that every child gets a copy of the book is one of the ways they are able to accomplish this mission.

The Authors Are Available For:

School Assemblies or Classroom Visit 

The Author(s) will do a book reading, deliver a powerful speech based on the lessons taught in the book, and end the presentation with an engaging Q&A session with students. Author(s) will provide the school with an introductory video of “What Does It Take To Be A Star” and will bring in a local celebrity as part of the 1-hour student visit. The expense for the local celebrity will be included in the speaker fee. Author(s) will waive speaker honorarium If 200 books are ordered prior to the event by school or students.

Lunch and Learn with the Authors

Reward your extra-motivated students by inviting them to have lunch with Authors. Well-behaved teachers and librarians are always welcome to join as well!

Literacy Night (PTA Fundraiser)

Grownups like to meet authors too! Consider planning a “Meet the Author” Literacy Night event for your community and sell the books as a fundraiser. The Authors will give a twenty-minute keynote talk about the importance of literacy, parental involvement, and achieving your dreams. We will have a book reading following the speech with parents and their children. This is a great option for any PTA breakfast, luncheon, or reception.

Skype Classroom Visits

When a physical visit by the authors is not possible, school’s educators can apply for the Skype Visit program.

The Authors will Skype with one class or one grade level for 30 minutes. Skype sessions are scheduled based on his availability.

There is a 30-book minimum purchase requirement

Books are sold to the schools at a discounted rate of $15.95 plus shipping. Student’s books are not autographed and will be shipped directly from the printer.

Options For Book Purchasing:

Student Purchase

  • Books are $20, which covers the cost of the book and shipping. A Permission slip will be given to students prior to the Author visit in order to receive funds from their parents. 10% of every purchase will be donated to the school i.e. PTA.

School Purchase

  • Schools are given a discounted book price of $15.95 for all student books. Schools must purchase a copy of “What Does It Take To Be A Star” for every student in the class or grade level. Student’s books are sent directly from the printer and will arrive right before the visit.
  • We encourage schools to work with community partners to assist with the cost of the books. If your school is Title 1, 90% or greater free/reduced lunch program consider grant programs or crowdfunding.

Provides funding opportunities for schools to bring in classroom visitors or speakers.

Technical requirements

Large group presentations require

  • A hand-held microphone (cordless or with a long cord), loudspeakers, and a mike stand.
  • Video projection equipment for PowerPoint slides (PC computer, video projector, screen)
  • Books ordered in advance will be signed and distributed to the children on the day of my visit.
  • A stool or chair.