Rennie was inspired to pen his first book in April 2013, “Free Agent: The Perspectives Of A Young African American Athlete” after being released by his first NFL team. In “Free Agent” Rennie explains how we all can be free agents at certain points in life, how we all face times of uncertainty, and how going through tough times can be used as a tool to develop intangible assets that will eventually lead to success. The book also discusses how adversity can make you realize what is most important in life. The primary objective of this ten-chapter, 150-page book is to provide readers with the inspiration to continue pursuing their dreams, no matter the obstacles.


What are people saying about "Free Agent"?

I have long admired Rennie Curran as a football player at the University of Georgia. I further admire him for turning his disappointing NFL aspirations into an inspiring play book for the many people who have and will face disappointment in the pursuit of their dreams.  Rennie wants to inspire people to chase their “dreams again.”

Vince Dooley, University of Georgia Athletic Director

Truly inspired.  Free agent is not about sports, it’s about life.  We are all free agents at some point in our journey.  Rennie lends readers a great mind state and life formula on how to deal with that situation when it is presented.

Marlon Wayans

As a  former UGA player who also wore  the number 35 I found it quite intriguing to follow his career both at UGA and in the pros. I have always admired his hard work and determination which propelled him both on the field and off. “Success comes before work only dictionary” and Rennie Curran is a true living testimony …. Cheers.

Verron Haynes, Former UGA Fullback, ESPN Internation Commentator

Having had a similar NFL experience as Rennie, I can absolutely relate to the adversity and uncertainity Rennie writes about…..I think everyone at some point in their lifetime can relate to this, and I appreciate Rennie’s willingness to share his experience in hopes it will inspire someone to get back up no matter how many times you get knocked down.

David Greene, Former UGA Quarterback 01-04

As a seasoned actor with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, I can honestly say Free Agent provides a breath of fresh air read that can be translated across different industries and sectors. Rennie Curran, I commend you for a great job with your first book and opening your personal life experiences to the world to serve as an influence!

Carl Anthony Payne, Actor / Producer / Director