Rennie Curran is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, certified life and business coach, author, musician, and former professional athlete.
Curran’s story of overcoming many obstacles to reach his childhood dream of becoming a three-time All-American at the University of Georgia, permanent team captain, 3rd round draft pick in the NFL, author, and business owner has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to handle adversity and maximize opportunities while having a positive impact on others.
Rennie specializes in delivering keynote presentations and workshops on personal development topics such as leadership, overcoming adversity, and personal branding.
Rennie is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been featured on Fox Sports, USA Today, ESPN College Gameday, The Huffington Post, and much more.

Whether you’re a fortune 500 company, school, sports team, or association, Rennie has powerful results-driven presentations that can energize your audience and help your organization achieve unlimited success.

Certified Life and Business Coach

As a former professional athlete, keynote speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur with a vast business experience nationally and internationally, Rennie offers coaching services for business professionals, entrepreneurs, current/former athletes, and their parents.

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I want to overcome my fear of public speaking and speak more confidently. I would like to become a paid public speaker. I have a powerful story to share with the world.

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I have a book idea, but I’m not sure of the steps to take. I want to improve the book I already have. I’m struggling with understanding how to market my book.

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Strategic Marketing/Personal Brand

I need advice on marketing my product or service. I want to be recognized as an expert in my industry. I want to create multiple streams of revenue and take my brand to the next level.


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I want to be more confident and improve my performance on/off the field. I want to be more of a leader. I am a parent who needs help with recruiting.

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Life Coaching

I need assistance to overcome challenges. I want to have better relationships. I feel unfulfilled at work. I’m struggling with motivation and I feel stuck.

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I just retired from my sport and need a sense of direction. I’m thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but I’m not sure where to start. I just graduated and I’m not sure what to do next.

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What Does It Take To Be A Star? Children’s Book

Are You A Star?

A young boy goes on a journey to discover what it takes to become famous. He quickly learns that it takes a lot more than a dream and ends up on a mission of self-discovery. Will he be able to uncover the mystery of stardom and understand what it takes to become a star?



Free Agent: Intangible Assets For Overcoming Adversity & Times of Transition

Curran presents powerful nuggets of wisdom and delivers useful tools for overcoming challenges in life’s seasons of transition. Whether you’re a student transitioning from the classroom into the workforce, an employee facing challenging circumstances on the job, or a business owner whose life work balance seems to be crumbling right before your eyes, Free Agent is a motivational book that will empower you to accept, embrace and overcome any obstacles that come your way.